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Serum Hydra Sensitive 30ml

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Guinot Sérum Hydra Sensitive (30ml)  desensitises reactive skin (note is now in a new glass bottle with a higher concentrate) . The Guinot desensitising serum reduces redness and inflammation and strengthens the skins natural defences, leaving it soothed and calmed

A real emergency treatment for sensitive reactive skin, the Guinot Sérum Hydra Sensitive rapidly comforts, softens and soothes the skin. Its fine, soft texture melts into the epidermis, leaving a light protective veil.

Sérum Hydra Sensitive is one of five products in Guinot’s Soothing range. Newly re-launched, the serum is now better than ever at desensitising reactive skin, leaving it soothed and calmed, as well as reducing redness and inflammation and strengthening the skin’s natural defences.

Over 60% of women regularly experience feelings of skin discomfort, the symptoms of which can be stinging, itching, overheating, tautness, redness, irritations and dry patches. Sensitive skin is characterised by a hydro-lipid film that is weakened by a lack of sebum production and a thin epidermis that doesn’t retain moisture due to a lack of cohesion and leaves capillaries just beneath the surface unprotected.

Sérum Hydra Sensitive tackles hyper-sensitivity with two actions. On the surface, skin is instantly soothed and protected against environmental aggressions with Pentavitine and Vitamin E which together act like a self-defence shield. Pentavitine prevents moisture loss and protects the skin against irritations and reactions, whilst Vitamin E reduces redness and swelling on the skin’s surface.

In-depth action comes from Lymphokinine®, an exclusive Guinot soothing and protective complex which acts as a biological shield. Not only does it reduce feelings of irritation, it also actually boosts skin tolerance. Centella Asiatica extract (taken from the leaves and roots of the Hydrocotyle Centella Asiatica plant found in tropical and sub-tropical areas) soothes and protects the capillaries, reducing redness.

Application Advice

Recommended for use four times per year (or whenever skin is hyper-sensitive)

Apply morning and evening under regular Guinot moisturiser Recommended for use four times per year (or whenever skin is hyper-sensitive)

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