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POMICO LTD is based in Nicosia, was established in 1971 and took an active role in the field of aesthetics and beauty. Dean Agent, (First Agents Worldwide) of the leading French cosmetics company GUINOT, POMICO L.T.D has managed in the last 51 years to be considered one of the most reliable, professional companies of its kind in Cyprus. The heavy heritage we carry as a company, guarantees security and total support to our partners.

Our goal is the best service to our customers and the development of a personal and human relationship. With continuous information, seminars in our well-equipped training center from the best trainers in Europe and with professionalism, we have managed to stand out in the field of aesthetics, offering to the professional beauticians the best supplies to excel in their field. The reputation of the human company that accompanies us and the lifelong partnerships that we have entered into with the leading professionals in the field, are a milestone in the course of our company.

After all, it is no coincidence that well-known cosmetic companies such as GUINOT, MASTERS COLORS, INGRID MILLET, AUSTRALIAN BODY CARE, 2B BIO BEAUTY, trusted us for their correct and professional representation in our country.

In the effort to serve and meet the needs of each beauty institute, for its proper and excellent operation, we have introduced basic equipment such as steamers, torches, chairs, trolleys as well as consumables such as waxing, strips, caps, gloves, spatulas, women’s/men’s disposable underwear etc.



The GUINOT company with more than 40 years of experience in the service of beauty,  has machines, treatments, products for face and body care and sun protection.

GUINOT occupies a leading position and offers care methods that stand out for their advanced technology. Aiming to bring out the beauty in every woman, GUINOT has developed exclusive and innovative treatments, gaining the trust of women all over the world by offering unique skin care solutions.

Specializing in beauty care, GUINOT developed in 1972 the HYDRADERMIE treatment, the first exclusive treatment method for facial beautification. For the first time, an ionization technique improves the penetration of care products and offers unique results satisfying the demands of women. This is a real innovation in the beauty industry. HYDRADERMIE the Queen of beauty that excels by far! To apply this exclusive treatment, each beautician must follow the appropriate GUINOT training.

In 2005, GUINOT revolutionized slimming in beauty salons with the TECHNISPA treatment. Thanks to a unique and patented massage technique, GUINOT offers to the clients excellent slimming results from the very first session. Slimming care takes advantage of the latest advances in technology. By using the TECHNISPA ADVANCED SYSTEM in which it dissipates heat, it offers visible results and a pleasant sensation.



HYDRADERMIE is an exclusive treatment by GUINOT which adapts to every type of skin with the aim of beautifying the face. GUINOT takes advantage of the latest scientific developments and the most recent discoveries in the field of skin biology, to propose a pleasant but highly scientific treatment. The treatment is offered in 8 variations according to beauty goals and skin type.

The unique method of double potential ionization favors the rapid penetration of the active ingredients supplying the cells with energy and excellent results. HYDRADERMIE is completed with a delightful relaxing massage that rests the face and gives it a glow.

The thermal electrode increases the regenerative activity of the cells and the production of collagen.



With age and fatigue, facial contours begin to lose their vibrancy and sometimes show signs of aging. Until today, lifting treatments acted on the structure of the skin, tightening and increasing its density. Today the HYDRADERMIE LIFT treatment works more deeply and stimulates the muscles of the face, reconstructing its features. In just a few minutes, the face acquires a youthful appearance.

HYDRADERMIE LIFT is so effective that it competes well with cosmetic surgery procedures!


Special Treatment with Hydraderm Cellular Energy which targets 3 specific eye contour problems that concern women.

Wrinkles: on the crow’s feet and between the eyebrows.

Swelling : On the upper and lower eyelids.

Dark Circles: On the lower eyelids.


Deep cleansing treatment

The beauty of the skin depends on its cleansing. Deep cleansing is essential to remove excess sebum. HYDRACLEAN is the only cleansing treatment that acts simultaneously on sweat and sebaceous glands. The gentle heat emitted by the Thermoclean electrode in combination with the application of cleansing gels rids the skin of excess sebum and toxins.



GUINOT has created the leading anti-aging treatment AGE SUMMUM which combines state-of-the-art formulas together with an exclusive anti-aging facial massage. The 56 active biological ingredients and highly concentrated pure vitamin C , combined with hyaluronic acid and plant DNA make the skin look remarkably younger immediately after the treatment!!



Available in 2 versions.

Depending on the sensitivity of the skin. Τhe beautician chooses Hydra Peeling PH or Hydra Peeling Hydrabrasion.

In 45 minutes the reduction of aging signs and brown spots is visible. Freed from the dead cells that dull the skin and do not allow it to breathe, the face regains its wonderful appearance immediately after the treatment is completed.


Discover the new facial tightening and lifting treatment Guinot: Lift Summum!

A specialized treatment that tightens the skin, straightens the contour of the face, smoothes and tones the skin on the neck and décolleté.

It consists of 4 main phases:

Double exfoliation, Special straightening massage with a strong serum to regenerate the elastic fibers, smoothing wrinkles with the special filler/wrinkle eraser. It is completed by the application of face and neck/décolleté masks that instantly tighten and straighten the features.


A specialized 2-stage foot treatment that provides instant exfoliation and hydration to the lower extremities.


Cleansing treatment against oiliness of the skin achieved in 3 stages. Cleanses, balances and reduces skin imperfections.


The Masters Colors make-up range combines skin care with the beauty of make-up. The formulas are enriched with active ingredients ensuring maximum effectiveness and safety. The entire range is specially designed for beauty salon clients based on their needs and requirements.



French products Ingrid Millet known for the famous Perle de Caviar range which is enriched with caviar.

In 1959, the French cosmetologist Ingrid Millet pioneered the discovery of the amazing regenerative properties of plant extracts in the skin cell, using them first in cosmetic products, in order to inhibit premature aging of the skin. Thus, INGRID MILLET laboratories created a new revolutionary line of beauty products.

When she opened the INGRID MILLET beauty salon in Paris in 1966, she managed to create a loyal clientele with many international personalities such as the Princess of Saudi Arabia, the sister of the Shah of Persia, Paloma Picasso et al.

Continuing the research in 1972, he discovered the unique properties of caviar, a treatment so special since it was previously considered royal food and at the same time very effective in the fight against aging. This led to the discovery of the Caviar Complex, an active and highly effective complex, as well as the Perle de Caviar care line. Even today this series remains the greatest proof of the authenticity and power of INGRID MILLET, with its products being exported to more than 50 countries!

With the incorporation of marine ingredients and the deep knowledge of the skin that this unique line of cosmetics encapsulates, INGRID MILLET has rocketed to the top of the cosmetics industry.

It is this tradition of pioneering research that INGRID MILLET continues to proudly carry into the 21st century. Including facial care products and treatments, as well as make-up, it becomes an ideal solution for the individual needs of every woman, regardless of age and skin needs.



2B PHYTOPEELING by the Belgian company LIBINVEST. 100% natural peeling for acne, scars, blemishes and skin renewal.

Bio peeling is a product that is used manually for microdermabrasion. This method aims to eliminate the dead cells of the stratum corneum of the skin. Unlike other peeling treatments that only work on the surface, 2B activates the exfoliation process from the inside out.

The skin is deeply cleansed, cellular metabolism is reactivated, wrinkles and fine lines are filled from the inside out. Tightens enlarged pores and noticeably reduces discoloration. From the very first application, the skin looks smoother, brighter and renewed.



Peeling & renewal treatment with glycolic acid.

PH OPHYTO by the Belgian company LIBINVEST with glycolic acid (AHA), removes dead cells, immediately activates skin regeneration and promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin. At the same time, it reduces the depth of wrinkles, acne and skin discoloration.



Australian Body Care has been the leader in Tea Tree Oil products since 1992. The entire range is based on the beneficial properties of tea trees which are antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal. In the initial stages it was introduced to the professional hair salons and Spas of the market. Since then, however, they have created special products suitable for the whole family, such as cleaners, shampoo, body lotion, etc.



DERMAPEN 4 for micro needling is a highly advanced skin resurfacing treatment performed by dermatologists and estheticians worldwide. Dermapen 4 represents the evolution of all skin needling devices for skin regeneration and rejuvenation. This device is the only one in the category with a digital platform and fully automated operation.

This treatment is also known as CIT (collagen induction therapy). During this procedure, the tiny needle punctures the skin in a controlled manner stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

Dermapen 4 is the top development of the last decades in the field of microneedling. With its new innovative head technology, it scans the surface of the skin creating channels (movements) up to 104% faster than older devices.

The miraculous, natural healing process induced with Dermapen 4 is enhanced by the simultaneous diffusion of mesotherapeutic materials, such as hyaluronic of appropriate molecular weight, vitamins and amino acids, through the microscopic channels created.

With the complete application protocol of Dermapen 4 and Dp Dermaceuticals, treatments are now painless, faster, safer and give us optimal results.

Dp Dermaceuticals ™ the NON-NEGOTIABLE micro-acupuncture DERMAPEN – a complete skin care range designed to provide optimal results before, during and after a micro-acupuncture treatment. .

The products support and strengthen the skin to reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation throughout the treatment. This means glowing, youthful skin, less post-treatment recovery time and an ongoing personalized home care regimen.



The Eneka Diode Laser machine is completely painless, fast, safe and effective. The innovative ENEKA PRO DIODE LASER technology allows the best results from the first session, maximizing the safety and effectiveness of the treatment on all skin phototypes, all year round.



Fight cellulite and the relaxation of your skin, with the innovative ΜΟΙΟΜ machine. With the deep, rotating massage it gives:

  • carving,
  • stimulation,
  • reduction of cellulite & spots locally.
  • Increases the production of collagen and elastin,
  • Improves blood circulation and lymphatic system.

The non-invasive treatment works on three levels:

  •   epidermal
  •   muscle level
  •   vascular level.