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Crème Hydra sensitive 100ml

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Sensitive skin is often also thin, consisting of few cell layers that are frequently dry and inadequately protected by a deficient acid mantle. It is permeable, leaving it vulnerable to environmental irritants day after day. In today’s world, numerous irritants such as pollution, pollen, stress, fatigue and hard water harm and weaken the skin.

If you have irritable skin, it feels sensitive and reacts to everything it comes in contact with. If your skin has redness, or feels prickly or hot, you have reactive skin.

To care for sensitive and reactive skin that seems to have become intolerant to everything, a complete and suitable skincare product is necessary to restore balance, desensitise, continuously protect and soothe.


– Protect reactive skin from external irritants

– Rebuild the skin’s natural defences

– Hydrate, soothe and soften the skin

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