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Bio Regard

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Eye & lip contour gel.

The principle

Particularly fragile, the skin surrounding the eye is more at risk of loosening. As for the lips, which are always moving, their contour tends to become marked by small vertical wrinkles. As a dual function treatment, 2B Bio Regard eases tension and protects the skin against the damage due to time and environment.

The secret of the formula

Perfluorodecalin: an active ingredient that increases the level of oxygen in the skin. Once the cellular metabolism is better oxygenated, it will stimulate the production of collagen.
Elastin & Amino Acids: restoring and regenerative action.
Hydroxyprolisilane C® and Ascorbosilan concentrate N®: anti-oedematous action by modifying the permeability of the cellular membranes.
Liquorice Hydrumine: anti-oedematous, reduces inflammation.
Exsyproteins: moisturizing and regenerative action on the epidermic tissues.
Grapefruit, Butcher’s Broom and Ascorbosilane concentrate N: agents which counter the harmful effects of free radicals while preventing the transformation of tyrosine into melanin.

The results

All traces of fatigue are instantly erased and the eyelids are smoothed. Pouches and dark rings are diminished. Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed away, as if bolstered from within.

How to use it

Morning and evening, with light tapping movements, apply with a fingertip around your eyes and lips. May also be used as a mask: in this case, apply a thicker layer, allow to work for 5 minutes and remove any excess with a cotton pad.

The contents

A wonderful melting texture that leaves no trace of oil.

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