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Long Life + Face & Eye Creams (COMING SOON)

The new Youth Care products to erase the signs of aging

With age or fatigue, women notice that the signs of cutaneous aging mark their skin. Skin is less firm, wrinkles “deepen”, complexion becomes duller, eyes look more tired…

In this new year, Guinot innovates and redevelops two of its flagship Skin Care Products, with an optimized formula : Longue Vie + Face Cream and Eye Contour Cream to erase the signs of aging.

This new Longue Vie + range provides effective global regenerating youth action : it promotes cell regeneration with the famous Milieu de Vie and its 56 Cellular Ingredients, whose concentration has been increased, and smoothes wrinkles even more effectively thanks to its reinforced dose of Hyaluronic Acid and Cell Activ.
The Long Life + Eye Contour Cream also has an anti-fatigue action, acting effectively on puffiness and dark circles thanks to its Arjuna extract.

Beauty results : facial skin looks visibly younger, smoother, more toned and radiant; the eye contour is smoothed, dark circles diminished and puffiness deflated.

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