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Remineralizing tonic gel with vital blue seaweed water

Trade secret
Aqueous gel made with vital blue seaweed water (spirulina). Besides its noteworthy high content in proteins the spirulina contains:

At least 9 amino acids :lysine, methionine, tryptophane, proline, phenylalanine…).
A provitamin.
Vitamins of the B group.
E Vitamin.
Mineral salts: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium.
Oligo-elements:potassium, copper, iron and selenium…
Cosmetics performances
This remineralizing gel boosts the life within the cells and protects them with efficiency against the aging. The proteins of the blue seaweed regenerate the cells which give the skin its elasticity. The skin becomes supple and firm again. Thanks to its high vitamines content, the vital blue seaweed water helps in protecting efficiently the ADN and of the cells membrane. It smoothes the face complexion, makes the skin firmer and brighter.

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