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Vitamin pre-aging day cream for normal and oily skins

Trade secret
Pre aging mattifying fluid cream rich in:

Phospholipids : valuable action on dehydration.
A, C and E vitamins : anti radicular, anti inflammatory and hydrating properties.
Tamarin : prevention treatment of the aging process by allowing the cells to be renewed on the surface of the skin.
Orange extract : besides its high content of vitamines, its helps in microcirculation and in limitation of inflammatory reactions.
Glycerin: hydratant.
Biosaccharide: long lasting hydratant.
Corn extract: hydrating, matifying, antimicrobial.
Cosmetics performances
The perfect combination of its multiple active ingredients, this vitamins cream helps to fight against aging signs. Ideally protected against negative effects of free radicals, the skin is correctly fed and hydrated. Softer and more supple, the skin finds its brightness.

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