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Repair day cream for dry skins enriched with hyaluronic acid and Ubiquinone/Q10

Trade secret
Rich cream essentially made with:

Squalane: balance the skin hydrolipidic film.
E Vitamin: antioxydant
Smoothing lipo amine complex : magnesium and potassium-enriched , it acts as a shield againt external attacks (stress, pollution, tobacco, …)
Hyaluronic acid/allantoin duo : restauration of the tissues and hydration.
Ubiquinonoe / Q10: high antioxydant power.
Cosmetics performances
Thanks to the combination of its several active ingredients, this repairing cream protects efficiently the tissues et provides the skin with an immediate comfort. With a perfect hydration, the skin feels like regenerated and reinforced.

At the Beauty salon: to be applied at the end of the treatment as a real concentrate to revitalize the skin cells and to stimulate its defense system.
At home: Daily use, every morning after make-up removal.

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