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Slimming Draining Effect Cream – Body
– Unwanted curves are diminished.
– The figure is resculpted.
After one month of twice daily application: 1,8 cm* off abdomen, 1,8 cm* off hips, 1,5 cm* off thigh.
*Panel of 10 subjects (cream is applied twice daily, morning and evening, for 1 month).


CELLULYSIUM DERIVED FROM RED SEAWEED: helps restore balance between lipogenesis and lipolysis, leading to a reduction in adipocyte volume for an optimal slimming effect.
AFRICAN MAHOGANY BARK EXTRACT: stimulates the synthesis of collagen XVIII, thanks to its high polyphenol content, helping firm the skin and erase dimpled cellulite.
WILD GINGER EXTRACT: helps improve circulation and promote the drainage of fluids to reduce excess fat and slackened skin, resculpting the figure and enhancing the appearance and comfort of legs.
APPLICATOR WITH ROLLER BALLS: breaks down fat in tissue, using targeted massage. The massage stimulates the circulation of fluids, promotes the natural lymphatic drainage process and detoxifies the skin by releasing toxins.

Use advice

Apply morning and evening to unwanted curves.
Turn to ON and squeeze the tube to dispense the required amount of cream. Then, turn to OFF to use the massage head with circular upward movements until the cream fully penetrates the skin.
End by massaging with hands until complete absorption

Skin Type

All types


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