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Enzymatic masΚ

The principle

It nourrishes the epidermis and release it from dead cells. Lightening and dermo purifying, the 2B Bio Beauty enzymatic mask enlights the skin and protects it against pollution.

The secret of the formula

Sweet almond oil : softening, calming and repairing.
Macadamia oil : nourrishing, soothing and protecting.
Sugar derivated emulsifying – hydrating : allows to create oily gels that will change into milk on contact with water.
Papaya extracts : keratolytic, hydrating and stimulating.
Hoya lacunosa flower extract, porcelain flower : anti-inflammatory, soothing anf lightening.
Red seeweeds stem cells extract : dermo-purifying active that fights against the effects of water pollution.
Perfluorodecalin : increases the oxygen rate in the skin. The cell metabolism stimulates then the collagen production.
Vitamin E : antioxidant and protective.

The result

Perfectly purified and protected, the skin breaths. Brighter and even , the complexion looses its dull and rough look.

Use advice

Apply a thick layer on the face , except on the eyes. Let act for 15 minutes before emulsifying with water. Proceed with a massage in small circular gestures and rinse the surplus. For an intense freshness feeling, close the care with a 2B Bio Beauty® lotion.

The contents

Iridescent thick gel. Melting and delicately scents texture

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