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Bio Purifiant

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Soothing cream mask for oily skins

The principle

Give yourself a break while it is being applied, cut yourself off from the world for a quarter of an hour, with the bathroom door closed and the mobile phone turned off: give yourself a moment of pure serenity and beauty to eliminate all toxins from the skin.

The secret of the formula

Sepicalm®: a soothing lipoamino complex enriched with magnesium and potassium which acts as a shield against damaging external elements (pollution, stress, tobacco, air conditioning, ultraviolet rays...).
St-John’s-Wort: botanical extract with moisturizing and soothing virtues.
Maize Extract: makes the skin mat.
Kaolin: absorbent and matting mineral powder.
Allantoin: calming and soothing.
Aloe vera: calming and hydrating.

The results

The pores are tightened. Your skin’s texture is refined and your complexion looks even. Your features are visibly relaxed.

How to use it

When? On the days following the 2B Bio Peeling and whenever your skin feels tight and uncomfortable.

How? Apply a thick layer on your entire face, avoiding the contour of your eyes. Allow to act for 15 minutes before removing any excess with a cotton pad. For an intense refreshing sensation, complete with the soothing 2B Bio Douceur lotion.

The contents

Miraculously unctuous and refreshing.

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