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Hydrating lightening cream

The principle

The alpha-MSH (or melanotropin) controls the activity of the tyrosinase, the synthesis of the melanins (eumelanins and phaeomelanins), as well as the transfer of the melanosomes. As an antagonist of the alpha-MSH, the lightening ingredient of 2B Bio HydraWhite thus has an original mode of action compared to the reference active principles commonly in use. The undecylenoyl phenylalanine, main active ingredient contained in 2B Bio HydraWhite, is a pure and unique lightening molecule that respects the cutaneous integrity and plays a role of inhibitor of the melanotropin. It acts upfront of the melanogenesis on all stages of the pigmentary cascade induced by this same melanotropin.

The secret of the formula

Vitamin E: antioxidant.
Corn extract: moisturizing, matifying agent, anti-microbial.
Allantoin: soothing and anti-irritant.
Undecyl phenylalanine: lightening.
Calming ingredient.
Biosaccharide: moisturizing.
Glycerin: moisturizing.
Fruits extract: moisturizing.

The results

Hydrates and decreases the hyperpigmented spots of the skin that are due to frequent exposure to the sun. This product acts on the synthesis of the melanin, the pigment at the origin of freckles and senescence spots, a pregnancy mask, etc.

How to use it

Daily in a three-month cure: in the morning and at night once your makeup has been perfectly removed, apply on your face and neck, not forgetting the back of your hands particularly exposed to sun and dryness.

The contents

Crème de texture fondante et onctueuse pour une sensation de confort absolu. Since it leaves no trace of oil, 2B Bio HydraWhite helps make-up stay flawless.

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